Crazy Rebeljam BMX Best of Video! (official Vans Edit)

check out the best of video of rebeljam 2012 and let us know what you think!
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The world’s top BMX riders gathered in Tossa de Mar, Spain this weekend, 5-7 October, to ride the BMX Street, Flatland, Park and Dirt features of the incredible Europark set up during the 6th Annual Vans Rebel Jam.
Hard Trick Award
1. Andy Buckworth
2. Daniel Sandoval
3. Ben Hennon
4. Vince Byron
5. Maxime Charveron
6. Kevin Peraza
7. Todd Meyn
8. Harry Main
9. Jack Watts
10. Mark Webb
Creative Award
1.Gary Young
2.Ben Hennon
3.Maxime Charveron
4.Tobi Wicke
5.Mark Webb
6.Kevin Peraza
7.Bass Keep
8.Kevin Kalkoff
9.Daniel Sandoval
10.Rob Darden

BMX Style Award
1. Kevin Kalkoff
2. Bas Keep
3. Daniel Sandoval
4. Gary Young
5. Ben Hennon
6. Kevin Peraza
7. Maxime Charveron
8. Rob Darden
9. Harry Main
10. Danie Penafiel

1. Dan Lacey
2. Bruno Hoffmann
3. Diogo Santos
4. Ed Zunda
5. Dakota Roche
6. Ola Selsjord
7. David Budko
8. Diego Navarro
9. Vasya Lukyanenko
10. Andres Lainevool

Hard Trick Award
1. Daniel Sandoval
2. Rob Darden
3. David Godziek
4. Andy Buckworth
5. Ben Hennon
6. Mark Love
7. Kevin Peraza
8. Lima Eltham
9. Jeremy Muller
10. Gary Young

BMX Style Award
1.Daniel Sandoval
2.Dan Foley
3.Kevin Kalkoff
4.Lima Eltham
5. Rob Darden
6.Kye Forte
7.Jeremy Muller
8.Kevin Peraza
9.Ben Hennon
10.Gary Young

Hard Trick Award
1.Alexis Desolneux
2.Jesse Puente
3.Dez Maarsen
4.Matthias Dandois
5.Guelo Monzon

BMX Creative Award
1.Jesse Puente
2.Albert Moya
3.Alexis Desolneux
4.Matthias Dandois
5.Thomas Noyer

BMX Style Award
1.Matthias Dandois
2.Jesse Puente
3.Kevin Nikulski
4.Thomas Noyer
5.Aleksi Ritsilä

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