Crazy Russian BMX Street Contest – XSA Invitational 2015

Don’t let the media fool you, Russia is one of my personal favorite travel destinations in the world. So different, so passionate, and so, so wild. When myself, Pat Casey, Kevin Peraza, Larry Edgar, and Catfish were invited to Sochi, Russia, to be a part of the XSA Invitational this year, we jumped at the chance.

A dope event held during the Formula One race in „Sochifornia“ along the black sea. With rollercoasters and 1000hp race cars flying near by, the best street riders in Russia went at it in a jam format, putting together some progressive riding that rivals anywhere else in the world. What separates these dudes from other countries is the passion and love. It’s hard to describe, but if you look closely at the end, you can see tears in the eyes of Artem and Alex…that’s what’s up.

Thank you to XSA Store and especially Alex Bivol (AKA, „when you die, you die“) for taking care of us and going out of their way to make sure we had a great time. Sincerely!

1 Alexander Rudenko 91.4
2 Denis Pavlov 82.6
3 Artem Agarkov 80.8
4 Ilyas Ganzhaev 76.4
5 Vlad Vishegorodskiy 74.8
6 Misha Pakhomov 72.8
7 Maxim Bespaliy 71.4
8 Dmitriy Osokin 66.4
9 Gleb Goncharov 61
10 Boris Galas 59.8
11 Oleg Ushakov 56.4
12 Ilya Beresteckiy 55.4
13 Denis Stepanov 53.2
14 Fedor Zabaluev 44
15 David Belka 43.4
16 Dmitriy Vishnyakov 42.4
17 Dmitriy Shulzhenko 38.6
18 Pavel Nikonov 33.4
19 Vlad Smetanka 29.2
20 Viktor Kvasha 23.2
21 Oleg Lyapushkin 21.8
22 Andrew Luzanin 17.8
23 Andrew Butter 17.4

Film/edit by ryan fudger

„Feelin‘ it“
Figure of wax

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