Dan Coller Vs The Roof – BATTLES EPISODE 2

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„He’s not doing it for you“

Welcome to Episode 2 of our DIG Battles series. This time round we get a closer look at Dan Coller vs the Roof in Kink Intervention. Here’s what filmer Darryl Tocco had to say…

„Dan Coller flipped a switch a few years ago. Instead of pursuing what has now become the norm of outrageously technical riding, suddenly it seemed he was only interested in the scary stuff. Huge rails, grinds to flat, and now apparently, roof setups. In 2013 Dan was working on a welcome to KINK pro video, and this setup sent him packing. Dan quit while he was ahead on this round, and decided to walk away. 2 and a half years later while we were filming for Intervention, Dan decided that it was time to put this one to bed. Not long after we arrived and a few frustrating attempts later, we found ourselves drinking tall cans and laughing at the roof. Cheers, Dan.“ – Darryl Tocco

Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco

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