Dan Foley – A Day In Annapolis

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Dan Foley enjoys a summer day cruising with his old friend Alex Topper around Annapolis, Maryland. As Dan relays the familiarity of riding with good friends at old stomping grounds has a special charm to it that I think many of us can relate to. You don’t need the best of spots to have the best of times.

„My good friend Alex Topper and I grew up right outside Annapolis, Maryland. Once the capital of the US, currently the capital of Maryland, and home of the US Naval Academy, Annapolis is a quaint waterfront town with a certain charm I have yet to experience anywhere else. It lacks spots, but is easily one of my favorite places to cruise on a nice summer evening. On a recent trip to visit home, Alex had a day off work so we spent the day cruising around the town and shot this little edit.“ – Dan Foley


Filmed by Alex Topper and Dan Foley. Edited by Dan Foley

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