Datsun get SLAMMED on new wheels

The Datun 280z gets lowered on brand new wheels!
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It was finally time to see a glimpse of the Datsun 280z’s potential, and slam it on the ground on some nice wheels from Rota. Huge shoutout to Rota for the hookup on these, it’s made me fall in love with the car again.
The specs on the wheels are 15×8 all round, ET0 4×114.
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Here’s a link to the Datsun 280z playlist where you can find all the videos we’ve made about this car – 👉👈

This is my 1977 Datsun 280z which was imported from Arizona a few years ago. It’s an S30 body, which is the same as the 240z and 260z, however this was an american spec car that has a slightly bigger engine and fuel injection rather than carbs. I’m planning on slowly restoring it to a state where I can drive it around. Then from there I’m not really sure, it’s just a cool car haha.

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