Dave Mirra – Rest In Peace

Dave Mirra has suddenly been taken from us, who could’ve ever seen this coming? Words can’t describe my inner feelings right now, but it seems eerie, and yet ultimately comforting knowing that I had the opportunity to meet Dave at this past year’s NORA Cup awards ceremony. Dave was set as our presenter for the ramp category that night (he’d award Dennis Enarson later that night with Ramp Rider of the Year), and while Dave was timid on stage, he was clearly intrigued by the riding footage being projected on the giant screen. The nominee reels are always a mash of the very best riding that year from people like Dennis Enarson and Kriss Kyle, and I think Dave might’ve really had the chance to see the mark he left, and where the torch has now been carried… That moment is something I’ll never forget. Dave Mirra is a legend, an icon, and a true inspiration who shaped our world and left his mark, but you all know that. Here’s a look back on the reel we ran that night before he took the stage as the presenter for Ramp Rider of the Year. RIP Dave.

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