Day in the life of Adam LZ | Ep. 2

Get ready for motorcycle burnouts, riding BMX in a thunderstorm, carnival games, behind the scenes at LZBMX HQ, and my first time running my BMW at the drag strip!
Shirts and Stickers –

Meet James Harvey, my first FULL TIME employee at LZBMX! I’ve been friends with James ever since he was my counselor at Woodward, and he was actually one of the main people who convinced me to move to Florida. James has been designing shirts for me for quite some time, and a few months ago he quit his job at an Ice Cream shop to take over the day to day operations at LZBMX. He has given me way more time to ride, film videos, and focus on other areas of my life that I was struggling with. I made this video because I know you guys liked my last day in the life a lot, and it was a really good opportunity to introduce you guys to James. He lives about 40 minutes away, so we usually don’t meet up more than once a week, so this “day in the life” isn’t every day. I’m out of school (that’s why there is no college footage) and Nicole is busy with summer school (that’s why she isn’t in this video). Hopefully James and I can film together more often because he is one of my favorite people to ride with. He wasn’t having the best day in this video, as I’m sure you could see.

Now that my injuries are starting to heal, I’m riding way more and filming lots of videos! I’m about to head up to CT in about a week and I plan on filming the whole road trip. Thanks guys for being patient while I was off the bike, and I’m excited to see what this summer brings!

Filmed by Adam Hadden