Day in the Life of Bert

My favorite roommate does deadly tree jumps, hangs out of moving cars, hand-makes stickers, gets reckless on yoga mats, and does one of the craziest cavemans EVER.
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Believe it or not, Robert Barranco does more than smearing peanut butter in his face and doing deadly cavemans. While most „Day in the Life’s“ are overly glamorized and have people making their days seem way cooler than normal, this is pretty much realistic. If anything, Bert normally get’s into even more adventures late at night, but I cut off the filming at like 2AM because I had to get up early the next day. Bert is an awesome kid who really knows how to have a good time, and I think he is a perfect example of how we all need to take a step back sometimes and not take things so seriously. Bert may not have the best tricks or the best style, but he is 100% one of my favorite riders because he is a great reminder that you don’t need to be the best BMX rider to get somewhere with it.
I wasn’t really in the video much for a couple reasons. Obviously I was filming the whole time, and I also have a pretty bad heel issue that I will talk about in the next weekly update. It was actually kind-of fun to be behind the scenes for once.
If any of you have filmed or edited before, you know how much work it is to put together a 3 minute video. Now imagine a 30 minute video…. I pretty much set aside an entire weekend to put this together because I really wanted to make it awesome. If you enjoyed this video please hit the like button, comment, or maybe even share with a friend. YouTube is super automated nowadays, and the more interactions we have with you guys, the higher this video is ranked which means more people get to see it!
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