DIG TRAILS – Freedom 40

DIG TRAILS Episode 1 – Freedom 40 / Subscribe to the DIG channel for more videos – http://bit.ly/DigBMX

„Santa Cruz, California has some of the highest property values in the US, making land to build trails pretty rare. The Freedom 40 crew has been fortunate to use this private land for many years, and have taken advantage of what they’ve been given. The conditions may not be ideal with the jumps baking in the sun a lot of the day, but the dirt works and there is a semi-reliable water source, another rarity in California. Most importantly, the lines are really fun and sessions can be had almost any time of year. I moved out west from the east coast a year and half ago and the crew out here has welcomed me as one of their own. Together we’ve been dialing in the the lines and having fun sessions on the regular.“ ​ – Brian Barnhart

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