We had so much fun the first time we went to Insane Wayne’s house that we had to go back again and keep the party going! But this time we didn’t bring BMX bikes! We brought out the quads and dirt bikes and headed out for an epic day in the pits! I got to ride loaner Yamaha Blaster, Big Boy rode an automatic TTR 90, and cory Berglar rode his Kawasaki 450 dirt bike! Big Boy was the most amateur rider in the pits , falling all over the place! Getting roosted! and barely going fast enough to move forward! Cory Berglar on the other hand was jumping the biggest jump out there and decided to go farther and farther until he crashed hard! We all ran up to him but in normal cory Berglar fashion he was already getting back on his feet and back on his dirt bike! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

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