Donuts and Dirt Bikes – With my Dad!

Sliding 240s around in parking lots and racing dirtbikes in places we shouldn’t be is the last thing you’d expect me to be doing with my 73 year old dad. I met up with him (and the llamas) for a couple days while I was in CT and this video is the result! (Continued below)
Shirts and Stickers –

So originally I was just going to incorporate these clips in the webisode I filmed during my last-minute trip to Connecticut. However, I filmed a BUNCH of riding stuff, and I didn’t want people to have to watch minutes of riding just to get to the stuff with my dad which was by far my favorite part of the webisode. I decided to make this a separate video (I will still use the other clips for a webisode) since my dad has never really been in one of my videos and I thought this would be a cool way to introduce him. My dad is actually 73 years old (it’s safe to say I’m an accident), but he is more active than most my friends‘ parents who are half the age. He’s the reason I’m into things with wheels, why I’ve always wanted to own a business, and why my sense of humor is so „unique“. I had a blast filming this and I’m hoping you guys get to see more of him in future videos and learn more about the things he does. By the way, my dad’s birthday is October 26th (in 4 days) and this is kind-of my way of saying happy birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!