Drew Hosselton Volume Hatchet Fork Promo.

Raban’s Iron Chachi Promo is certainly a tough act to follow, but once again I think we’ve succeeded in putting out something that is one part BMX video, one part product promo, and one part rap video. This trifecta of things plus some top of the line visual effects have allowed Drew to finally live out his childhood dreams of being a real life ghetto cowboy, while simultaneously promoting his new signature Volume Hatchet forks.
Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni
Music: Bone Thugs & Harmony – „Ghetto Cowboy“
Drew Hosselton’s signature fork made from 100% heat-treated CRMO tubing. Featuring a 1-pc internally and externally butted steer tube and with ultra tapered legs. Wider blades to fit bigger tires. End of blade is notched for plenty of peg clearance. 5mm thick dropouts w/ machined cutouts to save weight. Available in Chrome & Flat Black. More info here: http://volumebikes.com/parts/fork-hatchet/



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