Finding the Best BMX Helmet

I’ve ridden 7 different helmets in the past 3 years I have TONS of advice on which helmet will work best for you!
Links to helmets featured in the video –

Hey guys, so this is something I’ve been planning on making for AGES. Since I’m literally leaving Florida in less than a week, I thought I should make it while I’m still down here with all the helmets (so I could have them in the video). I set the audio wrong on my camera (hence the popping) and didn’t realize until afterwards. I didn’t have time to re-film, so I just figured it wasn’t THAT bad. Anyway, I’m sorry.
I hope this video helps you guys out as it has taken me AGES to find a helmet that I’m satisfied with. Keep in mind I sweat A LOT, so having sweat absorbent lining is really important to me. Thanks for watching :)

Helmets featured in this video
-Pro-Tec Bucky Lasek Classic
-Kali Samra
-Pro-Tec Classic Skate Plus
-Triple 8 Brain Saver
-Shadow Conspiracy
-TSG Superlight