It’s almost been six months since my life-changing accident and it’s been a few weeks since I have done an update video on my recovery progress. In the last few weeks I have noticed continuous gains in strength of my body and also the coordination of my movement. I have been going to physical therapy a few times a week and that is helping tremendously with my walking and in this video I show the difference between the walking I did in the last video and and in this video. But also I try something that I was pretty nervous about trying. I decided that I was strong enough to finally try to ride on my own on the trike! I was scared that my body wasn’t going to be strong enough or coordinated enough to be able to steer the handlebars keep my balance and keep peddling all at once. So as I jumped onto the trike and started to pedal it became obvious what my weaknesses were but I also surprised myself on how well I was able to control the trike! I did three laps around my bike shop and by the 3rd lap I couldn’t believe how much better I was getting at riding than the lap before!
I am so proud of this video and this is such a great accomplishment during this recovery and I’m also grateful for everyone’s continuing support throughout it!