FISE WORLD: Chengdu 2015 Pro Park Qualifying

FISE World Chengdu has officially come to end, but our feature coverage is just getting started. Here’s a taste of what to expect.. the pro park qualifying event. Qualifying was wild, and things really got out of hand during Sundays Finals. Some of the top podium riders from FISE Montpellier got the pre-qualification wave, so although this is a group of heavy-hitters competing to qualify, it’s not the complete group of savages who rode semi-finals and finals.

Finals also held a Best Trick competition (that didn’t count for their run), and shit got BUCK!!!! Expect that to be up on the site soon, as well as an over-all recap from semi-finals and finals, featuring all of the dudes.

In case you missed the live feed of finals, check out the podium replays, full results, & FISE’s official description of finals below.


1st Daniel Dhers, replay:
2nd Logan Martin, replay:
3rd Jake Leiva, replay:

1 – Daniel Dhers
2 – Logan Martin
3 – Jake Leiva
4 – Drew Bezanson
5 – Daniel Sandoval
6 – Kostya Andreev
7 – Paul Thoelen
8 – Daniel Wedemeijer
9 – Mike Varga
10 – Alex Nikulin
11 – Tom Van Den Bogaart
12 – Kenneth Tancre