Fit in AZ – The Outta Hand Trip | RideBMX

Brandon Begin, Morgan Long, & Austin Aughinbaugh trip over to Arizona and meet up with fellow Fit shredder / Phoenix resident Troy Blair. Such a rad and diverse crew of riders putting their mark on the many amazing spots that AZ has to offer. From technical to unorthodox to pegless and straight up gnarly, these dudes have you covered.

„The trip was outta hand from the beginning with minimal planning and last minute changes. Begin, Austin Aughinbaugh, and myself were the only riders able to make it and Chris Mortenson jumped in last minute to shoot photos. We headed to Vegas and picked up Troy Blair from a realities house on the way. Malouf was the man behind the camera and giving us a place to stay and he made sure that good times were had from Vegas to AZ on and off the bikes. Tony and The gully factory house and affiliate Reed Stark had the Fit crew in the best of vibes and led to never ending jokes. From the partying to the jokes to the riding everything got outta hand and as I write this we are all in a group message trying to plan another trip out to AZ.“ – Morgan Long

Filmed and Edited by Tony Malouf
Cover photo by Chris Mortenson

Music: Bones – „HDMI“