Fit – Trippin Ecuador

Join Tom Dugan, Justin Inman, Cristian Porras, and Shawn McIntosh as they roll around Ecuador with Marco Calderon as the tour guide. Van Homan was originally going to ride, but was deported on arrival.
Song 1: Triste Adios
Artist: Ecuador Andes
Song 2: Nuestro Juramento
Artist: Ecuador Andes
Song 3: Organized Crime 90
Artist: Elias Music Library (pump audio)
Song 4: I’m Ready
Artist: Andrew Oye (pump audio)
Song 5: Cool Cats 90ALT
Artist: Elias Music Library (pump audio)
Song 6: Splendictomy
Artist: Man Friday (pump audio)
Song 7: TCB 550Hood Riderz
Artist: 10 West Music
Camera & Edit: Stew Johnson