The Orion already came very well equipped, so many features we carried over from 2018 to 2019! Although it would seem that isn’t a big deal, we felt there was no real need for pegs if you’re a trails or ramp rider. By removing the pegs, it allowed us to make an always welcome price reduction for 2019. Knowing that you guys like to go fast, and taking Sergio Layos and Larry Edgar’s advice, we upgraded the gearing to the new Tractor TT 29-tooth sprocket, so now you can go faster and bigger than ever! The 2019 Orion is available in Sergio’s eye catching Flat Trans Copper colorway and Flat Black with our new Titanium colored parts package! This bike seriously pops!

2019 Orion Flat Translucent Copper –!/products/2019-orion-flat-trans-copper

2019 Orion Flat Black w/ Titanium –!/products/2019-orion-flat-black