Kids around the 10 to 12 year old age range are progressing faster and faster than ever and it is undeniable that they’re killing it! With not enough quality 18” bikes on the market, we stepped our game up for 2019 and produced the incomparable Supernova 18” complete! A bike these little rippers can jump on, trust and shred right out of the box like a higher end 20” bike. Coming with a full Chromoly frame, fork and bar set up, Trebol Bueno three piece cranks, Trebol stem and brake lever, and, of course, the brand new 18” Fuego tires!
We feel that we’ve produced something that can take their riding to the next level and beyond!

2019 Supernova 18″ Dark Green –!/products/2019-supernova-18-flat-dark-green

2019 Supernova 18″ Gloss Metallic Black –!/products/2019-supernova-18-gloss-metallic-black