Flybikes Coastin – The Discovery

BMX is about discovery; getting out there with your friends, pedaling across town or jumping in the car to venture farther. It can be scary stepping out of your comfort-zone. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes, not so much, but you’ll never know until you try. And honestly, you’ll probably surprise yourself with how much you learn, not only on your bike but also about yourself. You’ll be amazed how well you dig your way out of a hole & survive. It’s not for everyone & no amount of bookwork will teach the lessons that BMX & traveling can give you…But, you have to take that first step!!

The trips over, it was an amazing experience with great friends from every corner of the world brought together by the common language of BMX. We created memories that’ll last a lifetime, there were lessons learned & just go to show you’ll never know until you get out there. Discover new towns, new foods, new spots, try to set ramps up where you thought you weren’t allowed, but most of all. Trying, in this instance to have an idea that isn’t necessarily for everyone, but about how you envision bike riding & what BMX means to you & ultimately, that’s what its all about, having fun on your bike with friends who see things the same as you.

Video filmed, directed and produced by Lee Turner and Flybikes