Game of Bike: Adam LZ vs. Lars Tepaske

Park tricks, 180 whips, GTI rips.Lars got pretty hurt on that bar-bar so props to him for finishing the game!

So, you probably noticed we used a handheld microphone for this video. I bought it out of impulse, thinking it would be a funny thing to use. Let us know if you like the handheld mic better or worse than the camera mount-mic I typically use for games of bike. Oh, the audio is all fucked up on the riding clips because my auto-volume is stupid on my camera and tried to boost background noise when I switched to my camera mount mic, next time I’ll monitor it and make sure its good, sorry about that. Seriously though, let us know what you think. I read every single comment on twitter/facebook/instagram AND youtube (no wonder I have no life). I take what you guys say into consideration 24/7. Filmed at Fort Barachel in Winter Garden, FL.
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Oh and shoutout to yourself for watching this video instead of Super Bowl, fuck team sports!

PS: If you are a butthurt-scooter user that is going to bitch about the kid getting flipped off, cry about it. Matt did it, not me. I don’t have that much of a problem with them, neither does he. It was just a joke.