Game of BIKE in the Rain: Adam LZ Vs. Jimmy Oakes

Riding wet metal skateparks is never a good ideas, but Jimmy and I decided would view it as a challenge and play a quick game of BIKE.
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We actually filmed this video like two months ago, I just had it on my computer and kept deciding to edit other videos before it. This was a pretty chill day, we were both tired (and it was raining) so the level of riding isn’t as high as usual. Regardless, we had a pretty good time and I thought the video was still enjoyable enough to warrant an upload!

Personal update: I’m now back in Florida (with bert), and almost settled into my new place. Moving all my stuff in has been taking forever, but I have my CPU stuff all set up so I can start making videos again. School is back in session as well, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to affect the videos that much.

Thanks for watching!