One of our favorite things to do on this channel is play games. We love getting all of our friends together to come over and have some fun. Today we decided to bring back one of her favorite games the fakie challenge obstacle course. Big boy and myself set up the course before all the boys got there and we try to make it as interesting as possible, and based off the boys reaction when they first saw it we did our job right. Here is a course run through,you start off with my quarter pipe, then you Fakie over a sketchy a frame built by big boy, go underneath the waterlog pipe, then on to the wood war zone, then on to the monster minefield, and finally the Tweaker finish line! Videos like this are what we like to do there is so much fun especially when at the end of the game it turns into just a BMX session. I hope you guys enjoy this one if you have any other games you would like us to play comment below and don’t forget to subscribe.

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