Hoang Tran – Subrosa Brand „Get Used To It“ Section

Being a part of Subrosa since it’s creation in 2006 Hoang Tran had a lot of time to work hard on his video part, and that’s just what he did. Meticulously, scouring the globe for the just the right spots to release a brutal beat down on.

His hard work and talent payed of with a top 5 nomination from Ride Magazine for Nora Cup „Video Part of the Year“! An award voted on by industry members, his peers, and fellow pro riders, a nomination alone is a massive achievement! Everyone at Subrosa is extremely proud of Hoang for this.

Hoang’s footage, and his desire to have „the best damn time with his best damn friends“ shines through in his part, and easily earned him the sought after last section.

There’s a pretty awesome story when it came to the music for Hoang’s section. Hoang wanted to use the song „Race With the Devil“ from Gun. For „Get Used To It“ we wanted to work with various artists and labels to clear all the music. A few emails later, we received a phone call from Paul Gurvitz, one of the founding members of Gun. We had never attempted to clear music before, and Paul actually took the time to help explain to us the different ways songs could be owned, bought, licensed or in this case re-recorded.

Yes, that right, Paul Gurvitz actually recreated the track in it’s entirety specifically for our video and Hoang’s section! I could be wrong, but I think Get Used To It is the only video that can claim that.

A huge thanks to Paul Gurvitz. Check him out at


And check out the original song


Subrosa Brand’s „Get Used To It“ is available now worldwide in shops and mail-orders on DVD! The Digital Download is available at http://subrosabrand.com/store/


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