How to 540 BMX

A quick and informative how-to on learning 540s out of flyout quarters or banks!
I have been wanting to do this how-to for a while now, in fact I even filmed half of it like a year ago and lost the clips. 540s are awesome. They can be frustrating, but when you get them it opens up a whole new world of awesome. When I say „don’t carve“ I don’t mean it literally. Just don’t focus on carving, focus more on pulling. If you try to do a 360 and get the extra 180 from carving harder it won’t work. You need to pull harder. These videos are for you guys so if you have a particular how to you want to see let me know! I do plan on making a hop-540 how to in the future, because I know you will ask for that :)
Thanks @mattshulmanbmx for taking the time to film this with my perfectionist self :)