How to Backwards Manual BMX

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Why are my how tos so successful? Its because I only make videos for tricks I feel as though I can thoroughly explain. I may not be the best at them, but I feel as though I have advice that will actually help you learn the trick faster. In this particular how to, I think under-rotating and trying them out of manual 180s really does help. As with any other trick, backwards manuals will take practice, but I am willing to bet you could go out today and get your first one ever. In fact, go get one today and post an Instagram video with #LZBMX so I can watch everybody’s first fakie manuals tonight when I get back from the skatepark!
Thanks for watching :) Filmed by @Cody_Krueger on a long lense, because his fisheye broke in Webisode 10, which will be uploaded Friday at 4PM! Bmx is awesome. bye