How to Make a Belt out of a BMX Tire

Put that old worn-out tire to use by transforming it into a fully adjustable and stylish belt! And it only takes a few minutes :)
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Additional tips:
-Best width for a tire belt is about 1.4″
-When installing the belt buckle, tugging the tire will pull the inside clamp closed very easily
-Make sure your scissors are tight. If they are loose, it will push the blades apart and you will have a very difficult time cutting through the tire
-Take your time! These belts will last YEARS. Mine has been going on for nearly three! Make nice cuts, jagged edges will drive you crazy!
-Having trouble finding a used tire to use? I used to get tons from my local bike shop for free. Sometimes they save them, so you might be in luck!

I’ve been wanting to make this video for well over a year now, I just never found the time. Since I’ve been taking some time off of riding to let my heel get better, I decided I would spend an afternoon making it. Now I know it’s a bit long of a video for such a simple thing, but rather than make a quick, generic 2 minute summary I thought I would tell you the story behind tire belts and why they mean so much to me. Thank all of you for the continuous support, I can’t wait to get back on the bike and start shredding again!