How to Nollie Barspin BMX (Step by Step)

An extremely detailed and step-by-step process towards learning nollie bars flyout, off hubbas, and straight drops! This trick can be super frustrating, but if you remember to stay over your bars you’ll have them in no time!
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I’ve been wanting to make this how to for literally 3 years now… I just could never find a park that had the 3 types of obstacles I needed to teach you guys the trick. Basically, start with a steep bank flyout. If it’s shorter than 4ft high it’s going to be tough because there isn’t much time to nollie. Then move on to a wedge hip, or a steep/mellow bank with a drop. It really helps if you learn into grass because it makes it 100x less scary. Once you’re feeling confident, move on to a little drop- preferably into a grass bank! I love teaching tricks in a step-by-step fashion, because it’s how I personally learn. If this video helps you, or you think it could help a friend, please share it with them!
Thanks for watching :)

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