It’s been a crazy week since we have found Sammy. I had to go to California for a BMX trip 2 days after finding her so my wife had to take care of all the animals herself. Someone suggested that she should take Sammy to the Burlington County Animal shelter so she could get a check up, all her shots and spayed for free and also they would allow us to adopt her legally. So after bringing her to the shelter she called me up crying because she felt bad dropping her off for a week so she went back in and made sure with the workers that Sammy was in good hands. We went and visited her a couple times during her week there and we knew she had her surgery scheduled on the upcoming monday. Tuesday morning we called to see if we can finally pick her up and they said yes but they also gave us some potential bad news.. The Vet thinks that there is a 90% chance that her growths were cancerous tumors.. My wife and I are so saddened and confused about the news but we won’t know for sure until the test results come back in 2 days. So we still, right on schedule head to the shelter to pick up Sammy and when we get there, Sammy was so excited to see us and she also had one of those plastic cone of shames on! Poor Dog just can’t get a break! We got her back to the house and are starting from scratch to get her used to us, the house and eventually the Bulldogs we have. But now we have to wait even longer until her wounds heal before we can introduce them. The next video we will be getting the results in from the vet and we will talk about what happens next. Either way, we still love her and plan on giving her the best life we can. For more photos and videos on Sammy follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

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