My back is still broken and it is getting better everyday but for the time being I am trying to do some non BMX related type videos while I can. And to be honest I am actually having a really good time! On a beautiful Sunday in June my whole family met at my Parent’s house for a small get together and the Big Boy stopped by also so we decided to see how far we could take the canoe down the lake! Neither of us have any boating skills but still we went for it! Big Boy nearly flipped us couple times and got us stuck in a lilly pad forrest! We made it to the end of the lake and we got stuck in a mosquito infested sanctuary where Bi g Boy started freaking out and now I think we may have contracted the Zika Virus.. We made our way back to the house where my older brother decided to take Big Boy’s WRX out for a spin and when he came back he had such a big smile on his face that he didn’t notice my Mom had a planter with a tomato plant in the grass and my brother crashed into it with Big Boy’s WRX! It was an awesome day and we all had so much fun and I am so excited to be able to get back on my BMX with in the next week or so! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

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