Isaac Barnes S&M X1664 2015

​S&M Bikes / ​1664 Distro rider and and all round Canadian good guy Isaac Barnes with another solid edit filmed mostly in his current hometown of Edmonton with a few Calgary and Vancouver clips in the mix too. Go Canada!

“I have been trying to film for the up coming S&M DVD, got some stuff in the bank, but still wanted to produce some web content for my sponsors so I put this together. So nothing was really planned, just road with friends, and got shit done whenever I wasn’t working, or had extra time.” – Isaac Barnes

Filmed by: Jared Chilko & Andrew Schubert
(Edited by Isaac Barnes)

Additional filming: Mike Orita, Colton Ponto, Trucker Dan, Sean Tiffin, Cody Sisler

Photo: Colton Ponto