Finally!! We got another Budget Build Challenge for you guys! We decided to wait for the man himself Trey Jones to be back in NJ because honestly what’s a budget build without him?? This time around we did thing a bit differently we decided to try and create a box jump out of random stuff on the property of my bike shop! Cory Berglar, Big Boy, and Trey got to work and Matty rolled up a little late and he and big boy got into a little argument then we tried finding parts for the box. We picked up these planks and found a black widow spider, the most poisonous spider in NJ and we almost had a heart attack! After that the box jump session got under way and The boys started doing some crazy tricks! Matty back flipped the box! Big boy did some creative forecaster moves cory 360 tail whipped it and Trey Jones took on the flair challenge and somehow did a flair on the sketchy box lip! I was able to get some tricks that i was really proud of also i was just happy to finally ride again since i broomy back! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

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