Kink 2017 Coast 12″ Bike

The Coast is all about inspiring kids to start riding early. Balance bikes, like the Coast, help to teach kids balance and coordination instead of relying on training wheels. What’s special about the Coast, is it combines features and geometry for children with that of a modern BMX bike. The Coast is truly a balance bike designed for working a child’s way up to their first BMX bike.

Coming in a cool Matte Frost Blue color, the Coast is kitted with some great BMX style parts. The miniaturized 5” Kink Puma CC bars, 12” Kink Lance forks, and Mission X7 20h rims, all adapt BMX components to the right size and dimensions to comfortably fit a child’s needs. For 2017 the seat has been upgraded to be even more suitable for children, increasing the overall comfort and adding a textured cover material that reduces slipping.

Note: Designed for children ages 2 and up. Seat height adjustable from 14″-17″.