Kris Fox – Unclicked

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Season 2, Episode 7. A few days before Kris filmed this, he announced that he had been diagnosed—and cured—of melanoma skin cancer. We sat down with Kris for a couple hours to discuss everything from has him a fresh outlook on life, hating spines, and even space itself…

0:00 – Kris just recently was diagnosed with skin cancer (jumping right into it).
25:23 – Kris’ fresh outlook after being cleared.
41:00 – How Kris fit in with the Fast and Loose crew.
45:30 – “I don’t really send it” Kris discusses his riding style.
52:13 – Being a former Olympic racer.
57:00 – “The golf cart” story.
1:06:03 – “I’m not an all around rider”
1:11:00 – Kris has jumped a spine less than ten times.
1:15:50 – What was the last trick you learned?
1:20:40 – Not understanding street tricks.
1:22:35 – “How small are we compared to the galaxy?”
1:25:00 – Why Kris has a muted instagram account.
1:39:45 – „Let’s just be nice to each other.“

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