So we are going to Florida for a whole week of good times with the family plus Big Boy! The end of the week there is going to be an insane BMX event, hosted by our friend TREY JONES! But we are running out of time before we leave to get everything done, and Big Boy still has to build his bike so we went to my bike shop to get it all finished up. We all know Big Boy is not the bike mechanic but we made him do this one on his own for our viewing pleasure. He took a lot of unorthodox techniques to his approach especially by using a hammer for 90% of the build! It was taking a long time so to pass time quicker we had a quiz for big boy and if the answer was wrong he got shot in the back with a high-powered pneumatic tool converted into a weapon! Let’s just say this didn’t end well for the big boy… but we did get the bike finished in time and we are so excited for this week to hang out and film in Florida so tomorrow the drive begins!