Matt Coplon – Year 40

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Here at DIG we just can’t say enough good things about this guy. His contribution to BMX is second to none on so many levels and even his music taste rules. Welcome to Level 4 Matt!

„I remember my parent’s 40th birthday. „Over the hill“ written in black icing, with a sugary tombstone and a vulture perched on top of their macabre cake. It was so distant. So inconceivable, personally: The beginning of the end. And now, here we are…

In the hollow anticipation of impending change, this is a collection of clips on the way to my 40th.

I hope you enjoy.“ – Matt Coplon

Thanks to Profile Racing for 19 years of support.
To Chad Degroot and Deco.
To John Povah and Etnies.
To Brian Schaefer and the Skatepark of Tampa.
To Steve Crandall and FBM.

Thanks to Zach Rogers, Tin Maran, Caleb Bolton, Mike Hinkens, Chad Degroot, Steve Osgood, and Dillon Leeper for assistance with filming.
Extra thanks to Ariel Gunn, Beth Jordan, Steve Caro and Alan Shirley for all their help and support.

Song care of Meatwound.
Track titled „Flesh Tag“ off of their album, „Largo.“
Music care of Magic Bullet Records.

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