We drove out to Freedom skatepark in Medford NJ to ride the park for the very first time! We got there pretty early and almost had the whole skatepark to our selves. The only downside was it was a very windy day and windy days make terrible riding days but we all still made the best of it! Big Boy started the session off with a flair challenge and then tried to do this pretty crazy street style bunny hop gap and it did not go as planned! But it made for great footage! Matty took a really bad crash in the bowl and he knocked the wind out of himself and gave us all a real scare.. Matty was a trooper and he actually still rode the rest of the day. I had so much fun riding the park and I ended up getting a bunch of tricks done that I was really proud of! We then finished off the session on the manual pad where we all did back to back tricks and Big Boy took another highlight reel crash! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!