In 2008, while filming for this now legendary Anthem II video part, Mike Aitken suffered a life-threatening crash at Posh.

He was in a coma for three weeks.

Having suffered a traumatic brain injury, complete paralysis of his right side, a broken jaw, broken eye socket and a tracheotomy, Mike’s road to recovery was a long one.

He had to learn to walk again, to swallow… to control his right side, balance, and eventually, ride his bike.

Mike and his family’s life were completely changed by this incident, and as is common with brain injuries of this magnitude, continues to face multiple challenges as a result… compromised vision, memory loss and fatigue being just a few.

Mike Aitken’s journey and recovery has been an exceptional and highly inspirational one. In an effort to show our ongoing gratitude and appreciation for everything Mike has done for BMX, we are raffling off the very bike Mike rode in Anthem II to raise funds for both the Aitken family and Posh and Catty Woods’ insurance premiums.

Mike Aitken’s contribution to BMX is immeasurable. Let’s show him how much we appreciate the influence and sacrifice he’s made.

ENTER TO WIN HERE: https://fitbikeco.com/shop/merch/aitken-raffle-sticker-sheet/
Special Thanks to Stew Johnson for the Anthem II footage and donation of Mike’s bike to be raffled.

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