Mongoose Jam ’16 – Woodward West – Explained

If you’ve been following the Mongoose Jam 2016 at Woodward West over the last week then you’re probably up to speed with how they changed things up this year with a video part based competition as opposed to the more traditional contest runs format. If not, well, now you know. Anyhow, we hit up the five Mongoose team captains, Greg Illingworth, Pat Casey, Ben Wallace, Paul Ryan, and Kevin Peraza, and got their views on the new format, the riders and filmers they picked, and more… Literally anything and everything at Woodward West was fair game for the teams to ride—including quite a few rooftops and the Mega Ramp too. You’re in for a real treat Monday morning when the first video drops—all the teams went in and you’ve never seen Woodward ridden quite like this.