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The basic concept here is that we’re going to sit down riders who have had a plethora of video parts and have them discuss their least favorite (not to be confused with not liking) and most favorite. Jog the ol‘ memory box and talk about a different period of their life and what went into making those parts…

I actually filmed this Least/Most with Morgan back in 2019 shortly after we started Our BMX (hence a couple of Ride references), but totally spaced on putting it together. Morgan recently posted his DTH section and it sparked me to get this done. If you’d like to watch the parts he discusses without commentary, click below.

Drop The Hammer (pretty shit quality, sorry):
The alternate Drop The Hammer song:
Empire BMX’s Bad Idea (full video):

The Empire BMX ( „re-do“ edit he refrences:

In short, we are the Ride BMX staff out on our own. We’re building from the ground up and our goal is pretty simple. We want to continue what we love. We want to create great content, feature awesome riders, and contribute, push, and show why we love BMX. We sincerely appreciate any and all support… —Ryan Fudger, Jeff Zielinski, Adam Watkins, and Justin Benthien.