Nick Bullen – Subrosa Pro Edit

Nick Bullen has been on the Subrosa Skeleton Crew for a couple years now and we were happy to surprise him with the news that he was getting the bump up to the pro team at our team meeting in Albuquerque a couple months ago.

That news capped off a big year for Nick, with tons of travel, tons of riding, and getting the last section in #themichiganvideo.

Look for Nick to be reppin Subrosa to the fullest now as a 100%er, (his entire bike) and stay tuned to for details of the release of Nick’s signature colorway, dubbed „Nickel Bullen“ on the Subrosa Thunderbeast later this summer.

Thanks to Bobby Kanode for the edit

Music by
Desert Suns
„Burning Temples“

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