No Jumper – The AINTNOBODYCOOL Interview

No Jumper – The AINTNOBODYCOOL Interview by Adam22.

To some, Aint Nobody Cool is nothing but a cool Project Pat lyric. To others, it is an inescapable Los Angeles brand with a penchant for pop culture logo bites. I became friends with the guys behind the brand 6 months or so ago and knew that if I could get them on the show that it would make for an explosive interview. I was not wrong. What follows is an hour and a half of real talk with 2 men who are paving their own way in this world even if the only thing they plan on doing once they have completed said paving is to listen to Young Thug and think up some more t shirt designs. Enjoy!

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2:50 Alex takes a dab and explains what it’s all about
5:47 What did you guys do today?
10:00 What have been your biggest design failures as a brand?
16:20 The brand was almost called “Relax, Bro”
18:00 We talk about the Dragonball Z shirt
25:30 We start talking about Young Thug at length
29:30 Were you ever super anti-mainstream hip hop?
37:40 Do you have a conflicted relationship with being a white hip hop fan?
39:20 What endears you to Bankroll Fresh?
40:45 Are you guys Makonnen fans?
42:06 None of us think Young Thug is gay but we all agree Lil Wayne sucks now
45:40 What’s next for Aint Nobody Cool as a brand?
47:35 Brief discussion of Joe Budden vs Lil B
49:50 Name a rapper you thought was going to be big who went nowhere
59:00 How to have friendships with women without having sex with them
1:00:30 We talk about Ham On Everything
1:13:45 Rap right now is much more open minded towards women and people who are different. Do you like it more now?
1:23:15 Favorite female rapper of all time?