No Jumper – The Drew Millard Interview

I’ve been following Drew Millard on Twitter for a few years now ever since he first got hired by Vice to helm their once-fledgling music vertical, Noisey. Recently Drew made the move to LA and switched his style up, leaving music journalism behind to work for Vice full time. I had him come down to the OSS store along with his good friend and similarly prolific Tweeter, Robesman and we had a great conversation that stretched on into the night, casually crossing the 2 hour mark, a first in my time doing podcasts. Check out the list of topics below, follow @drewmillard, @robesman and @onsomeshit on Twitter and enjoy:

00:45 Emo night and drinking cork dust
03:30 Quitting drinking
05:10 Reviewing shows for a living
08:00 Riff Raff sliding in Robesman’s DMs
12:45 Travis Scott
16:00 Kanye’s “All Day” and the state of Vine
19:00 Do you listen to podcasts and if so which ones?
25:00 Drew on the eve of 10k
26:00 Kittie Pryde
30:00 How did you start working for Noisey?
34:30 Tweet at @joerogan and tell him to come on No Jumper
38:00 Hanging out with Tony Hawk
44:00 Moving to Williamsburg in 2011
52:00 Follow @iamtonycat on Instagram
56:00 Lulu
59:00 What was it like when you met Drake?
1:02:00 Ass eating
1:05:00 Beefing with Troy Ave
1:24:00 We discuss the NWA movie
1:27:00 Leaving Noisey for Vice
1:34:30 Hanging out with Waka Floka and Drew’s first viral article
1:39:00 Robesman’s shout out list
1:43:00 We talk about Ernest Baker and journalism
1:50:00 Lil Dicky
1:53:00 Bojack Horseman, Entourage and Trinidad James
1:57:00 Father
1:59:00 A$AP Yams and music industry stuff
2:02:00 Explain Kid Ink
2:05:30 Vaping for the urban bro
2:09:20 Snapchat
2:11:50 Rap Genius
2:16:40 Noz and Craig Jenkins
Faneto: Kidd Ink featuring Young Thug & Bricc Baby Shitro – Like A Hott Boy