No Jumper – The Eddy Baker Interview

No Jumper – The Eddy Baker Interview featuring Xavier Wulf & Chilly Sosa. Click to Like our Facebook:

The Seshollowaterboyz have been busy amassing a massive fan base for the past couple years but compared to Bones, Xavier Wulf and Chris, there is comparatively less information available about the fourth member to join the group, Eddy Baker. I did the right thing and got the man in the No Jumper studio for an intense grilling. He brought along his closest confidant out of the SHWB crew, Xavier Wulf along with his #healthyboyz lieutenant Chilly Sosa. What resulted was an amazing conversation between friends which really sheds light on what a great guy Eddy is. Shout out to the guys for coming through and by all means, subscribe to No Jumper for more interviews each and every week!

01:00 Life as a kid
05:20 The formation of Seshollowaterboyz
09:20 Lil Debbie hates us
12:00 Future and Xanax
16:30 When did you start smoking weed
19:30 #healthyboyz
21:50 Death row meal
24:20 Relationshop status: It’s Complicated
27:00 The Drake/Future tape
28:30 Makkonen
31:40 Tyga
36:30 Eddy did a porn
39:30 Complaints about Xavier
42:10 Video games and racism
45:40 Straight Outta Compton
47:30 Elliott
50:30 A$AP Yams and the Bones/Rocky collab
55:00 Breaking up and crying
56:30 Haters
58:30 SHWB posse cut
1:03:00 Chilly Sosa
1:07:50 The naked girl on stage

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