No Jumper – The Gangsta Boo Interview

We interviewed the legendary Gangsta Boo of 3 6 Mafia with Nick Colletti, Adam22 and Brandon Begin. Listen up!

The other day I saw on Instagram that Gangsta Boo was celebrating her birthday at our local bar out here in Hollywood, Black ( ). I figured that I would head over and somehow convince her to appear on my podcast. I rolled through with my usual crew of deviants, I got an IG photo ( ), I swam up in her DM’s and miraculously just a few days later I had the Queen Of Memphis herself in the OSS store for an interview. I brought along Vine sensation/overall funnyman Nick Colletti as well as professional BMX rider/human compost pile Brandon Begin to assist. We ended up having an hour long conversation about not just her career but much, much more. Check the show notes below and make sure you Subscribe on SoundCloud and click here to subscribe on iTunes:

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00:30 „That chocolate skin makes them white boys bend“
02:25 How I met Gangsta Boo
04:35 Boo just got the MC Ren follow
07:20 Juicy J
09:30 Beagle
11:30 Run The Jewels 2
12:50 Ghostwriting
19:40 Where Dem Dollas At
23:20 Gangsta Boo is scared of cats
25:00 Juggalos and dating and dating Juggles
28:10 Katie Got Bandz
31:35 Leaving Da Mafia 6
35:20 What are your musical tastes these days?
38:00 DS2 dab party at Gangsta Boo’s house
47:00 Straight Outta Compton
51:20 3 songs
53:00 DJ Vlad
58:00 Her influence
1:02:00 Lil Wyte