No Jumper – The HurtboyAG Interview

On the Antwuan Dixon podcast I mentioned that I was interested in interviewing Hurt, who you probably already subconsciously know courtesy of his „HURT WHAT IT DO!“ producer tag. Hurt saw that interview and got in touch and soon after we met up for this interesting conversation in which we talked about how he got into producing, all of the superstars (Future, Chief Keef, Fredo Santana!) he’s worked with and he even told us about the time that Arnold Schwarzenegger knocked on his front door. Enjoy and look for another episode of No Jumper dropping Thursday!

00:00 Hurt plays a few unreleased beats
06:00 Getting started making beats
08:00 Were you a backpacker?
10:30 When did you first start to feel successful?
14:30 We talk about Action Bronson for some reason
18:10 Future and his producer tag
22:00 Arnold Schwarzenegger knocked on Hurt’s door
23:00 Touring with Odd Future
26:20 Meeting Future
33:00 Where the name Hurt came from
36:00 Producers stealing beats
38:00 The fake Chief Keef mixtape
38:50 Hurt says Vince Staples and Joey Fatts stole his laptop
43:00 The merger of hip hop and EDM
44:30 The 808
46:30 When a roach gets into your lean
49:50 Meeting Chief Keef and Fredo Santana
52:00 Kids stealing songs
54:40 Backwoods
59:00 Hoverboards
1:02:00 Fake lean
1:08:40 9/11
1:12:00 Sadness
1:14:00 30 beats a day
1:17:30 Advice to the kids
1:20:00 Gambling with Gucci Mane
1:21:30 Chief Keef on No Jumper