No Jumper – The Jacob Messex & Oscar Meza Interview

No Jumper – The Jacob Messex & Oscar Meza Interview. Please Subscribe to us for a new interview every week.

I met Jacob Messex because he walked up to me at the bar and just asked me what I do. Which is a pretty ordinary way to meet somebody unless you live in Hollywood, where people don’t seem terribly likely to strike up a conversation for no reason. I mentioned that I do a podcast and that he might be a good guest. He seemed interested, but then I mentioned the interview idea to my good friend Justin Maruco (who you might remember from the Jake Seeley podcast) and he told me that not only would he make sure that it happened but that he had a grip of good questions in mind. Jacob ended up bringing his close friend and amazing skateboarder, Oscar Meza with him and we picked their brains, gleaning some much needed insight into both of their careers as well as the skateboard world in general. If you enjoyed this episode of No Jumper, do us a favor and Subscribe to us on YouTube, Soundcloud and iTunes.

01:30 Getting hate from older skate photographers
03:30 Growing up in LA
06:00 Hanging out at The Berrics
11:50 Atiba
18:00 Young skate kids taking Ubers to spots
21:00 Jacob’s first published photo was a Jim Greco ad
29:00 Being the designated driver
35:00 Skaters and photographer relations
41:00 Oscar talks about parting ways with Flip
46:00 Becoming “a Berrics dude”
51:45 Jacob’s Mom has had to block other skate dudes on Instagram
54:30 Kissing boys
1:01:00 Jacob is still in school
1:13:00 Where does Oscar go from here
1:22:30 The 3 stair hellflip by the fairy