No Jumper – The Nick Colletti Interview

It’s tough to follow up an interview as high profile as Ian Connor’s but Nick Colletti is a worthy successor. While Ian likes to wave guns around in 2000 dollar sneakers, Nick wears Birkenstocks and films himself speaking into his phone at 3 in the morning for the amusement of his 1 million plus Vine followers. I tried to pry into Nick’s mind but mostly we just ended up discussing current events and weed. Enjoy and please Follow No Jumper on Soundcloud:

00:30 Gangsta Boo
01:50 Growing up funny
04:00 Fashion
07:30 Vine friends
12:20 Exercise
14:30 Girls
20:00 Weed
24:30 Young Thug
29:30 Some people smell weird
34:00 Tinder
38:00 Fat Jew
42:00 Deep fried memes
53:00 Cecil The Lion
1:12:00 Deleting his Vine
1:12:30 The Lean Team