No Jumper – The Pouya & Fat Nick Interview

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They say the truth comes from the mouths of babes. Well Pouya and Fat Nick are, if nothing else, babes. Pause. These dudes are 20 years old each and they have no filter. Pretty much from the very start this conversation gravitated towards everybody’s favorite topic: sex. Most rappers keep their foul sexual tales close to their chest but Pouya and Nick happily shared many of their most graphic groupie tales with childlike glee. I’ve been a fan of their music for a while but after this interview, it was official, I’m sold, these dudes are fucking awesome. Check out the topics discussed below and click here to listen to us on iTunes:

00:00 We discuss Future’s Dirty Sprite 2 and drinking lean
01:30 How did you guys become friends?
03:15 Fat Nick’s Mom caught him selling drugs and didn’t really care
05:15 When did you first start to feel successful?
06:50 Have you ever been on a date with Trina?
10:00 When did you realize Raider Klan was done?
11:50 What gave you the confidence to become a rapper?
14:00 Fucking fans
19:30 Do you guys plan on having girlfriends in the future?
23:35 Where does your money come from?
24:35 Pouya talks about his upcoming album
30:00 Do you see the value in getting a manager?
34:00 Getting nervous before shows
37:00 The day Pouya told his mom he has had sex with over 100 girls
39:20 “You can’t wife a girl who fucked a rapper”
44:30 Fat Nick talks about fat pride and the power of confidence
47:20 We learn more about lean from Fat Nick
49:00 Why did you guys bring Nick Colletti on tour?
53:00 The girl who stole Pouya’s phone while he was on stage and then died
57:00 We talk about the XXL Freshman list
1:00:55 We discuss the Birdman/Young Thug murder plot against Lil Wayne
1:03:30 Homophobia and using the word “faggot”
1:08:00 I read off some questions from Pouya’s Twitter
1:11:30 Favorite songs to play live

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