Day two of our trip to Indiana where my friend Brett Banaseiwicz who’s holding the sixth annual pro/am BMX Contest for his skate park the kitchen! Day one was amazing we all had so much fun meeting and hanging out with so many amazing people and the bike riding was insane! But day 2 is the final day of competition where the expert finals, girls, and prose get to ride. We started out the day with the big boy getting on his bike for the first time this weekend and he decided to come out swinging trying an insane front flip out of this big bank. Big boy crash so hard on his butt and he shook the whole skate park and woke everyone up! After that big boy did a flair challenge for maddog on a sketchy ramp! After that the contest started and we watch some amazing BMX riding and I was the judge. The experts rode the course, then the girls rode, then they held a jam on the street course for our fallen friend Glenn Salyers which was so awesome! After that the pros got their turn to ride and we saw some absolutely amazing bike riding with so many jaw dropping tricks! Then the big boy snuck on the course to try a trick that he was eyeing up all weekend a front flip up the step up! Big boy tried three times and he crashed so hard leading to the new rule no front flips on Sundays! At the end of the day they announced the winners and everyone gathered around to congratulate them! At this time is when the amazing people of the kitchen skatepark presented me with donations that they raised to help with my recovery including every rider and the spectators also handing me donations and I was in shock. I couldn’t believe the kindness of everyone at this competition. I never would’ve thought that so many people would come together to help me out. I never felt away the people of the kitchen skate park made me feel ever before. I felt like I was living out a part of a movie, it was indescribable but it was truly amazing. It was one of the best days of my life. Thank you everyone